What is a Rewards Code?
A Rewards Code is a gift certificate redeemable at www.ngcrewards.com. It is exchanged for gift cards from popular stores, hotels, restaurants and more.
How do I redeem my Rewards Code?
Click here
How long will it take to receive my gift cards?
In approximately 10-14 business days
How will I get my gift cards be shipped?
Your gift cards will be delivered USPS 1st class mail.
Do I have to pay for shipping when I redeem a Rewards Code?
There is no shipping charge when redeeming a Rewards Code.
Can I use my Rewards Code in a merchant's store or on its website?
No. A Rewards Code must be redeemed on the www.ngcrewards.com website. You will then receive your merchant gift certificate, which you can then take into a store or use on its website depending on the merchant.
Can I return my Gift Cards?
Please be sure to make your selections carefully as all transactions are final.
What do I do if I lost my gift card?
Each retailers has its own set of rules and regulations regarding lost and stolen gift cards, please see the back of gift cards for a complete list of terms, conditions and usage instructions.
What if my gift card does not arrive in 10-14 business days?
Please fill out the inquiry on the Contact Us page and a customer service representative will assist you within 24 business hours.


What is the difference between eGift Cards and Gift Cards?
eGift Cards are sent to the recipients via email so they can be printed out. Gift Cards are sent to the recipients via mail in form of physical plastic cards or paper certificates.
Are there any extra fees associated with the purchase of eGift Cards?
For bulk eGift Card orders you will only be charged the price of the eGift Cards and we will not charge delivery or any other related fees. For individual fulfillment eGift Card orders you will be charged the price of the eGift Cards plus a delivery and customization fee when applicable.
What if someone loses the eGift Card?
An eGift Card has cash value and should be safeguarded as such. If you misplace your eGift Card, you can reprint it if you bookmarked it in your browser or click on the URL in the original email. Per retailer policies on eGift Cards, NGC cannot block and replace eGift Cards at this time.
What happens if someone gets locked out of their eGift Card?
When someone types a wrong PIN, the system will lock them out for 15 minutes. The only way to solve this is to wait the 15 minutes before trying again. There are no other means to unlock the eGift Cards.
Do eGift Card recipients need a special printer?
Most standard office and home printers are equipped to print eGift Cards. Some printers produce great results, and older printers sometimes don't print certain images well, but the most important thing is that the code number below the eGift Card is clear.
Do eGift Card recipients need to print in color?
They do not need to print in color.
Will I receive active eGift Cards?
All eGift Cards will be active upon receipt unless otherwise noted.


What is your return policy?
Make your eGift Card selections carefully. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. eGift Cards cannot be returned, blocked or replaced.
What are the terms and conditions related to the use of eGift Cards?Terms and conditions vary by retailer. Each eGift Card includes terms and conditions for use.
What are the redemption options for eGift Cards?
Redemption options vary by retailer. Each eGift Card includes redemption language. Depending on the eGift Card, they can be used in-store, online, via catalog, or any combination of those.
How can I check the eGift Card balance?
Balance checking options vary by retailer. Check the terms and conditions on your eGift Card for specific information on how to check an eGift Card balance. Click here for all our eGift Cards terms and conditions.
Do eGift Cards expire?
Expiration dates vary by retailer. The great majority of the eGift Cards we offer do not have an expiration date, but open loop cards have special restrictions regarding expiration dates. Please read the terms and conditions of your eGift Card for more information, you can click here to see all our eGift Cards terms and conditions.


What is a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key?
All of these terms mean the same thing. Depending on the retailer, some eGift Cards require a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key in order to be accessed. If that is the case, make sure you distribute the URLs and their corresponding PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key as the recipient will be prompted to input their PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key when they try to open their eGift Card.
Why some URLs have a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key and others don’t?
Depending on the retailer some eGift Cards require a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key in order to be accessed. If that is the case, the excel file will contain the secure URLs and the corresponding PIN/Challenge Key. Make sure you distribute the PIN/Challenge Key with the URLs when it is required.
I was told my eGift Card(s) require a PIN/Challenge Code/Challenge Key but it’s not displayed in my excel file. What should I do?
Don’t worry, some PIN/Challenge Keys are embedded in the URL itself; they will appear in the eGift Card certificate once the recipient clicks on the URL.